Other Areas Not Listed

You can search licenses for other areas, territories, bases, etc.  This is how you can get them on your own.
First, head to the FCC Advanced License search:
Advanced License Search

Going down the page:

Check:  Exclude Leases

On the Service Group drop-down:  Part 90 - Land-mobile - Site based

On the State drop-down:  State, territory, etc.

Under License Detail -> Status check:  Active

Under Date Information -> Date Type drop-down:  Effective Date

Under Date Information -> Date drop-down:  In the last week

Under Customize Your Results -> Results Display drop-downs:  100 per page sorted by Name

Hit Search!

This will give you the new or modified licenses that are based in that state, territory, etc.  
If you want, you can leave the State drop-down blank for licenses in all states.
To do a new search, you may have to refresh the page on some browsers.