KwikPop Trading Software

KwikPop is a set of indicators mainly used for trading futures but it can also used on other markets, such as Forex.
The software works with NinjaTrader, TradeStation and Sierra Charts but I highly recommend using Ninjatrader.

This is the real deal. This is how I eat and pay the bills.
Trading futures is similar to trading stocks except that we are usually focused on just one entity.
In the training room we trade the S&P 500 futures. The S&P is the average price of 500 stocks such as Google and Home Depot, etc.
Instead of trying to find something to trade, we trade the same thing everyday.
We start our training class at 7:30 AM CT and go over pending news, the prior trading day, important market levels and we do our daily training,
We start trading at 8:30 AM CT and go until about 2:30 PM CT.
Some people just trade the first two hours. Some have not quit their day jobs yet and trade on and off.
The starting trade setups are very rules based and mechanical. This allows you to get consistant.

With NinjaTrader you can trade live or in sim mode. You will trade in the simulator until you make $2000 and then you will go live.
You will start trading 1 contract live and then add a contract for every $2000 you make.
The goal is to make 2-4 points ($100-200) per contract per day.
One winning trade is 2 points so it is not hard to reach these goals. Quite often it is in the first half hour.
There are STUDENTS in the room that are making 10 points a day times 10 contracts ($5000).
I am likely the worst student in the class (my own fault) and I average about $300/day but I should be up to $1000/day by the end of 2018

If this sounds interesting, check out the KwikPop site and send Bill an e-mail asking about the process.
Since you are starting in sim, you only need to fund a Ninjatrader account with (I think) about $200.
Once you go live, you will want about $3000-$5000 in the account.
Also, they now have micro contracts, so you can go live with a few hundred dollars.


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