Mountain View
This goes along with the M-Range trade that Dick has described.  
1.  Medium is above its' moving average.
2.  There is a strong trend with Cutter above 3.

This will plot a dot when those conditions are met.  
M-Range plots white for 1 or more bars.  If M-Range then plots the original trend color, entry is after the close of that bar.
Only take the first one after a pivot.  They can be late so don't take one if the move is getting stretched out.  YMMV.

The minimum for Cutter is selectable and 3 is the default.
I have been trying it on 3 for a slower chart or slower day.  On a quicker chart, or as a filter, you might look at 5 or 6.
The NT8 version plots in white to go with the default nt8 background.

I was looking at the NT7 and NT8 versions side by side and I noticed some discrepancies.  I realized that it was the cache and/or historical data.  
Clearing the cache and deleting historical data fixed it.  I'm doing this daily for now on.

This indicator comes as-is.  Use at your own risk.  I have no connection to KP or NT.  Blah blah blah.


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