Mountain View
You might not want to put this on your main chart as it could be distracting.  I put it on my 6 bar chart so I don't miss anything when I'm looking at the main chart.
This will give an alert (and optionally a dot) when a yellow bar prints.  This gives an earlier warning that a pivot could be printing than my pivot alert indicator.
It also tells you if a lone wolf could be printing.

It will also plot a black dot and give an alert when bars change from red to blue or blue to red without a yellow bar.  I'm calling these a "no wolf" for now.
You see more of these on the 6 bar chart.  Dick likes the "no wolf".  He says that it is a higher probability trade because it's a fast reversal of momentum.
It will also alert on ghost pivots.

The yellow dots for yellow bars are turned off by default.  If you don't want either of the plots, just the sounds, you can turn them off.  
Then you can also set Panel to "same as input series".  That will free up indicator space.

You probably don't want to rely solely on alerts but this could be useful when the chart is moving fast or when you are reviewing charts.
This is for NT7 only.  NT8 eventually.
This indicator comes as-is.  Use at your own risk.  I have no connection to KP or NT.  Blah blah blah.


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