Using the raw FCC data

First off, there are not a lot of good reasons to go this route.
You can get everything my weekly grants had except for the emission code translations from here:
Advanced License Search

Select "Active" under License Detail / Status.
Put in "Grant Date" under Date Type then pick a date range.  Press search.

You can get emission code translations from here and from Google:
Emission Codes

If you want to work with the raw FCC database files:

- You will need to have and know how to use a RDBMS such as Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL or MySQL.


- You can write your own software to parse the data.  I use a mish-mash of batch files and the free Microsoft C# Express to do this.
  Sorry, I don't give out my software.  I am actually doing you a favor.

For the daily updates go here:
Daily Transaction Files

This page has a rolling week of daily updates to the database.
The date under the link will tell you if it has been updated.

To download the full database go here:

These files are huge and are updated weekly.

I use four categories:

Land Mobile - Private
Land Mobile - Commercial
Land Mobile - Broadcast Auxiliary
Maritime Coast & Aviation Ground 

If you just want police, fire, business, etc. you can just use Land Mobile - Private.

Four categories times 7 days gives you 28 zip files to download every week.
On the two pages there are links to PDFs that give the format of the data in the zip files.
The main two to start with are the Introduction PDF and the Database Field Definitions PDF.

The main .dat files to look at are here:

HS.DAT	HISTORY			Log Date, Grant Code
AS.DAT 	ASSOCIATED CALL		Associated Call Sign
HD.DAT	HEADER			Radio Service Code, Expired Date, Developmental or STA or Demonstration
EN.DAT	ENTITY 			Entity Name
CG.DAT 	COAST AND GROUND	Coast and Ground Data
LM.DAT	LAND MOBILE ADMIN	Eligibility Activity
BC.DAT	BCS			Broadcast Call Sign
CO.DAT	COMMENTS		Comment Date, Description
CP.DAT	CONTROL POINT		Control Point Data

LO.DAT	LOCATION		Location Site Data
AN.DAT	ANTENNA			Antenna Data
FR.DAT	FREQUENCY		Frequency Data
EM.DAT	EMISSION		Location Number, Antenna Number, Emission Code, Frequency Number
OP.DAT	AREA TEXT		Location Number, Area of Operation Text

Data is linked by call sign between files.
In addition, the last five are linked by one or more of:  Location Number, Antenna Number and Frequency Number.
These are used to keep the data in sequence.

Start with HS.DAT and find the lines that have the correct date(s) and one of the following four codes:
LIISS 	(License Issued)
LIMOD 	(License Modified)
LIRMD 	(License Renewed and Modified)
DATCOR 	(Data Correction)

If you just wanted the new licenses, just use LIISS.

You can then use State, County, etc. in LO.DAT to filter the call signs further.

For example:
Callsigns from HS.DAT where Log Date = Yesterday AND Grant Code = LIISS
AND MATCHING Callsigns from LO.DAT where State = NY

You then build your licenses using those callsigns on the other .DAT files.