Using the raw FCC data

If you want to work with the raw FCC database files:

- You will need database software such as Microsoft Access or MySQL.


- You can write your own software to parse the data.  I use a mish-mash of batch files and the free Microsoft C# Express to do this.
  Sorry, I don't give out my software.  I am actually doing you a favor.

For the daily updates go here:

Daily Transaction Files

This page has a rolling week of daily updates to the database.  It is updated daily around Midnight - 1 AM Eastern.
The date under the link will tell you if it has been updated.  I download overnight Saturday to get a full calendar week (Sunday to Saturday).

To download the full database go here:


These files are huge and are updated weekly.

I use four categories:

Land Mobile - Private
Land Mobile - Commercial
Land Mobile - Broadcast Auxiliary
Maritime Coast & Aviation Ground 

If you just want police, fire, business, etc. you can just use Land Mobile - Private.

Four categories times 7 days gives you 28 zip files to download every week.
On the two pages there are links to PDFs that give the format of the data in the zip files.