Countywide Report

If you are interested a countywide license report use PayPal:

Send $5 per report to my Paypal account:
Make sure to include your email and the county, state you want.
Sorry, I cannot do Southern California counties at this time.

Here is a sample county report:
Arapahoe County, CO

Included in the report are the following:

1.  HTML report of the county very similar to the weekly grants.
2.  Plain text file of the report.
3.  Excel spreadsheet of the report.
4.  CSV file that was used to generate the spreadsheet.

This report will have all or almost all licenses with a physical site in the county.  
There are some licenses that use a location designation of "Other" that are not going to come up in a search based on county. 
Searching the FCC DB by name or FRN will help you find these licenses.

The following companies are not included in the report. Some of their licenses contain hundreds of locations and/or hundreds of frequency lines. Some are data only and many are just low-power handhelds: American Time and Signal Bass Pro Outdoor World Concentra Heath Services Costco Wholesale Corp Dillards, Inc Diversified Electronics, Inc Home Depot Itron, Inc Red Robin Top Golf USA, Inc Others may be added to this list when they are found. These are easy enough to find in the FCC DB with a name search.
The Excel file has to be on an as-is basis. It was made with Excel 2010 and should load with 2010 or anything newer. There are conversion programs out there for older versions of Excel that may work. I do not know if it will load in OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Google Sheets or any other spreadsheet program. Your program may be able to import the included CSV file if the Excel file will not load. You can edit out licenses from the HTML file with Notepad. Everything between the PRE tags near the top and bottom is just plain text and can be edited as you like.
Even medium size counties can take several hours to run and I am not asking much for this. Sharing/posting excerpts of the report is fine but please don't share/post the whole thing. This is not a subscription, it is a one time report. The weekly grants will show any changes in that county going forward. If you are not sure if your county is worth the price, go here and input your state and county, then hit submit: FCC GenMen Search The items in the "Universal Licensing System Database - Sites" section will give you a ballpark idea of how much will be in the report. Copyright 2017-2018 Glenn Mitchell